Spa day.

Bear got a special treat today. First we went to the vet to get his nails trimmed and then he got his very first massage!

He wasn’t impressed and pretty much tried to get away the whole time but that’s ok. We will be doing this on a regular basis so he will get used to it. 🙂



I feel like I shouldn’t be watching this. It’s like doggy porn. Meatloaf loves licking. He licks Oscar all the time. He’s started licking Gravy too… He even licks Bear, when Bear lets him. Gravy got into the action tonight….

But then got bored since she wasn’t the center of attention…



Before I went out tonight I took everyone out. The little ones went potty right away, but the big ones ran around and found some sticks to play with instead. Now Gravy is very good at finding sticks, and even though we think we got them all she comes running out of somewhere with another one. I think she has a stash of them in a bush or something!

Anyways, tonight Meatloaf grabs one and of course Gravy wanted it so they both just stood there for a few minutes holding the stick. Then ran around. Then held the stick, together, again. Then I had to take it away so they would go potty and we could leave!